A visual study on turnabout phenomenon of vortex roll-up in forced jet diffusion flames

  • Kee-Man Lee
Fluids Engineering


An experimental study on the effect of forcing amplitude in forced jet diffusion flames has been conducted. Various flow visualization techniques are employed using optical schemes, including light scattering photography, high speed imaging by motion analysis, and determination of velocity vector and vorticity fields from PIV data. Particular attenttion is focused on the turnabout mechanism around the elongated flame, which has not been reported previously, and on the inner coherent structure of the forced jet in the attached flame regime. In particular, we present a schematic diagram that aids in the understanding of the turnabout mechanism of vortex roll-up. This diagram explains why the forced flame is elongated under moderate forcing amplitudes but shortens again when the forcing amplitude is further increased.


Coherent structure behavior Elongated flame Fluctuating velocity Forced jet flame Forcing amplitude In-burning flame Phase synchronization Turnout of vortex roll-up 


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  1. 1.School of Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringSunchon National UniversityJeonnamKorea

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