Carbonates and Evaporites

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Book reviews

  • William F. Precht


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  2. SEPM SPECIAL PUBLICATION #71 — MODERN AND ANCIENT CARBONATE EOLIANITES: SEDIMENTOLOGY, SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHY, AND DIAGENESIS Edited By F.E. (Rick) Abegg, P.M. (Mitch) Harris, and David B. Loope (2002); SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology), Tulsa, OK, 207 p., ISBN: 1-56576-079-4, clothbound, Price SEPM Members $90, Non-Members $125.Google Scholar
  3. CORALS — aQUICK REFERENCE GUIDE By Julian Sprung (1999); Published by Recordea Publishing, Miami, FL, Two Little Fishes, Inc., Miami, FL, 240 p., ISBN: 1-883693-09-8, hardbound, Price $22.95.Google Scholar

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