Carbonates and Evaporites

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Overturned geopetal structures formed by solution of sulfates, Triassic (Rhaetian) Portoro limestone, Portovenere area (la Spezia), Liguria, Italy

  • Robert L. Folk
  • Pamela A. Tiezzi
  • Victoria J. Pursell
  • Ellen R. Graber
  • Joseph G. Greenberg
  • James Miller
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The Triassic Portoro limestone of NW Italy contains four kinds of features that indicate the former presence of sulphates: (1) isolated single crystals now pseudomorphed by calcite; (2) nodules encrusted with large pseudomorphs on their surfaces; (3) single elliptical nodules (gnocchi); and (4) large amoeba-shaped masses (PAM’s). All of these features show varying amounts of internal geopetal sediment accumulated during solution of the sulphate minerals. This sediment, now in the tops of the features, plays an important role in deciphering the complex structural geology by documenting tectonic overturning. The sulphates appear to be late diagenetic features, and their later dissolution was a consequence of fracturing during structural deformation.


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  • Robert L. Folk
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  • Pamela A. Tiezzi
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  • Victoria J. Pursell
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  • Ellen R. Graber
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  • Joseph G. Greenberg
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  • James Miller
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  1. 1.Department of Geological SciencesUniversity of Texas at AustinAustin

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