Bromination of compounds containing two aromatic nuclei

Part IV. Bromination of aryl esters of para-cresotic acid
  • G. V. Jadhav
  • M. Aslam


Bromination of phenyl,o-, m- andp-cresyl,m- andp-nitro-phenyl and β-naphthyl esters ofp-cresotic acid is described. In the case of phenyl,o-, m- andp-cresyl esters mono—as well as di-bromo derivatives are obtained. Their constitutions are proved by hydrolysis and confirmed by their preparation by condensation method.


Mixed Melting Point Bromo Derivative Sodium Bisulphite Mono Bromo Dibromo Derivative 
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    Jadhav and RangwalaJ. Ind. Chem. Soc., 1935,12, 89–92;Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci., 1935,1, 616–19.Google Scholar

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Authors and Affiliations

  • G. V. Jadhav
    • 1
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  • M. Aslam
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  1. 1.Organic Chemistry DepartmentRoyal Institute of ScienceBombay
  2. 2.Ismail Yusuf CollegeAndheri

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