Relativistic field quantization

  • B. M. Udgaonkar


A method is given for quantizing any relativistic wave equation for a particle of arbitrary spin and non-zero finite values of the rest-mass, which can be written in the canonical form\((\alpha ^k p_k + \chi ) \psi = 0.\) The general commutation rule of theψ andψ is given by (35) in every case.

A necessary and sufficient condition to be satisfied by the α’s in order that the charge-density and the energy density be non-zero has been deduced and is that the minimal equation ofα 0 should not have repeated factors other thanα 0 itself.


Free Energy Density Arbitrary Spin Commutation Rule Relativistic Wave Equation Minimal Equation 
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  • B. M. Udgaonkar
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  1. 1.Tata Institute of Fundamental ResearchBombay

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