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Implementation and day-to-day usage of a client-server-based radiology information system

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Implementation of a second-generation radiology information system (RIS) requires attention to many issues, including work flow, system design, training, consideration for emerging technologies, and support. This presentation convers the issues, and solutions, involved in implementation and subsequent day-to-day usage of a client-server-based RIS tightly integrated with a hospital information system (HIS) using “thin client” software to limit hardware requirements for the client computers. The software and hardware implementation had to be designed for potential enterprise-wide scalability of the RIS for a system involving 11 hospitals. Issues arose regarding initial increased turn-around times, errors in importation of historical data, and problems with implementation of interfaces between the RIS and the billing system and between the RIS and the digital dictation system. Network errors and difficulties in using a thin client implementation had to be overcome. Hierarchical training was implemented, as support was switched from an “on-site” support group to a central Information System Division with responsibility to the entire enterprise.


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  2. 2.Department of RadiologyUniversity of Texas at Houston Medical School, LBJ HospitalHouston

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