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Critical factors in obtaining meaningful fast MAS NMR spectra of non-integral spin quadrupolar nuclei. A review with particular emphasis on27Al MAS NMR of catalysts and minerals

  • L. B. Alemany


In the last decade, magic angle spinning (MAS) NMR has become an extremely important method for studying the structure of inorganic solids. Advances in NMR technology have greatly aided in understanding the structure of catalysts, minerals, clays, ceramics, glasses, etc. Obtaining meaningful MAS spectra of spin-1/2 nuclei such as29Si and31P is relatively straightforward and well understood. In contrast, obtaining meaningful MAS spectra is far from simple with non-integral spin quadrupolar nuclei such as11B (I=3/2),17O (I=5/2),23Na (I=3/2),27Al (I=5/2),69Ga (I=3/2), and71Ga (I=3/2)−to name some of the most commonly studied nuclei. Many additional factors have to be considered. This paper will deal with these factors and the utility of very fast MAS for studying non-integral spin quadrupolar nuclei in inorganic solids.


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