Applied Magnetic Resonance

, Volume 5, Issue 3–4, pp 307–321 | Cite as

Porosity measurements in natural porous rocks using magnetic resonance imaging

  • M. R. Merrill


A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method is presented to measure localized porosity values inside natural porous rocks for the purpose of obtaining frequency distributions of the porosity (porosity distributions). The method is applied to study six different cores, including three Berea sandstone samples, Casper sandstone, Indiana limestone, and San Andres dolomite. An image of the porosity is shown for a transverse and a longitudinal slice in order to show qualitative variations of the porosity within each core sample. The porosity distribution for the entire core has been acquired, and it is shown with a Gaussian fit to the data. In addition, for cores known to have a layered structure, a bimodal distribution is fit to the data, and the fit is used to estimate the value of the porosity for two characteristic types of layers within the core sample.


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  • M. R. Merrill
    • 1
  1. 1.Chemical Engineering DepartmentUniversity of WyomingLaramieUSA

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