RI Beam Factory project at RIKEN

  • Isao Tanihata


The RI Beam Factory is being proposed at RIKEN, which is a project to construct two superconducting ring cyclotrons (SRC-4 and SRC-6), experimental storage rings (MUSES) and experimental facilities. Heavy ions are to be accelerated to energies of up to 400 AMeV for light nuclei and 150 AMeV for the heaviest nuclei by the SRC-6 and up to 1400 AMeV in the MUSES. Wide varieties of radioactive nuclear beams are to be supplied as secondary beams. Electrons, stable nuclei, and highly charged ions in addition to radioactive nuclei can be stored in the storage rings. The MUSES provides various collision methods, such as colliding, merging, and internal target modes. A few of the selected new nuclear-physics opportunities are discussed briefly.


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