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Analysis of the 1–2 band of the Ångström (B 1Σ+-A 1Π) system in the14C16O molecule

  • R. Kępa
Atomic and Molecular Physics


In the rare14C16O isotopic molecule the so far unobserved 1–2 band belonging to the Ångström (B 1Σ+-A 1Π) system has been photographed under high resolution by conventional spectroscopy. After the rotational analysis of the band the rotational constantsB v andD v of both combined levels and thev 0 band origin have been calculated. A combined analysis of the bands belonging to the Ångström, Herzberg andE 1Π-A 1Π systems made it possible to perform a precise relative spectroscopic characterization of thev=1 level of theB 1Σ+ state and thev=0 levels in theB 1Σ+,C 1Σ+ andE 1Π Rydberg states in the14C16O molecule. Numerous rotational perturbations observed inA 1Π state in this molecule have been identified.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • R. Kępa
    • 1
  1. 1.Atomic and Molecular Physics LaboratoryPedagogical UniversityRzeszówPoland

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