Reviews of Chemical Intermediates

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Theoretical aspects of carbodications

  • Koop Lammertsma


Potential Energy Surface Propylidene Aromatic Stabilization Bridgehead Carbon Carbocation Center 
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  2. 2.
    The search for observable long-lived cations was steered by early kinetic, stereochemical, product studies, and the development of superacid systems. Leading investigators that contributed fundamentally to these early developments include Bartlett, Hughes, Gillespie, Ingold, Meerwein, Nenitzescu, Whitmore, Winstein, and many others. Numerous compilations of these early studies have been made. For reasons of brevity we refer to the single comprehensive general review, G.A. Olah and P.v.R. Schleyer (Eds.), Carbonium Ions, Wiley, London, Vol. I, 1968; Vol. II, 1970; Vol. III, 1972; Vol. IV, 1973; and Vol. V, 1976.Google Scholar
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