K and\(\bar p\) Production in Au + Pb Collisions at 11.5 A GeV/cProduction in Au + Pb Collisions at 11.5 A GeV/c

  • John G. Lajoie
  • the E864 Collaboration
Experimental Results on Strangeness Production II


I will present the first results from the E864 collaboration on the production of negative kaons and antiprotons in 10% central 11.5 A GeV/c Au+Pb nucleus collisions at the Brookhaven AGS. E864 is a high rate, open geometry spectrometer, capable of measuring particle production in a range of rapidities and transverse momenta at a single setting of the spectrometer magnets. The results are derived from the analysis of over 20 million central interactions collected in the Fall 1994 run. I will report onK production in a rapidity range from 1.9<y<2.2 (y cm=1.6) and 25<pT<150 MeV/c, and\(\bar p\) production from 1.2<y<2.2 and 50<pT<400 MeV/c. A comparison with previously published results from E878 is presented and the implications for\(\bar \Lambda \) production are discussed.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • John G. Lajoie
    • 1
  • the E864 Collaboration
  1. 1.Yale UniversityNew Haven

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