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Cardiac surgery in patients irradiated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma

  • S. Siregar
  • F. de Heer
  • L. A. van Herwerden
original article
Cardiac Surgical Procedures Hodgkin Disease Radiotherapy 


Background/Objectives. Therapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma is disease specific and cannot be compared with treatment for other diseases. It often includes more extensive radiotherapy on the mediastinum than for other malignancies. Cardiac morbidity is known to occur in patients previously irradiated. This study describes the postoperative course after cardiac surgery of patients previously irradiated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Methods. From January 1990 until June 2008, 12 patients underwent cardiac surgery in the University Medical Center Utrecht after previous irradiation for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Data on radiotherapy, surgery and follow-up were collected retrospectively. The postoperative functional status was assessed by a telephone questionnaire.

Results. Atrial fibrillation (33%) and pleural effusion (25%) were the most common postoperative complications. After a mean followup of 2.6±2.9 years four patients had died. The remaining patients were all in a favourable New York Heart Association and Canadian Cardiothoracic Society class. The estimated one-, two- and four-year survival rates were 83, 69 and 46% respectively.

Conclusion. The early postoperative outcome of cardiac surgery in this population is reasonably good. The long-term results may prove to be disappointing, but the cohort is small. (Neth Heart J 2010;18:61–5.)


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