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Checklist determinanten van innovaties in gezondheidszorgorganisaties

  • Margot Fleuren
  • Karin Wiefferink
  • Theo Paulussen


Checklist for determinants of innovations in health care organizations

In 2006 we published an article on 50 determinants of innovations in health care organizations. A brief description of all determinants and their influence was given. Implementation researchers and implementation consultants or advisors have asked us repeatedly to publish a full description of the determinants. The full description of the determinants and an indication of the influence of both extremes of a determinant (e.g. low vs high staff turnover) on the innovation process are given in this article.

Keywords: implementation, determinants, innovations, health care organizations, checklist



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  • Margot Fleuren
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  • Karin Wiefferink
  • Theo Paulussen
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