Netherlands Heart Journal

, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 30–32 | Cite as

Life-threatening bilateral aorto-ostial coronary artery disease in an octogenarian

  • T. van Noord
  • R. L. Anthonio
  • G. A. J. Jessurun
  • A. F. M. van den Heuvel
case report


Aorto-ostial disease is difficult to approach percutaneously; therefore, a surgical option may be more desirable. We describe a case of an octogenarian in which the clinical arguments and technical approach have been summarised for a successful percutaneous therapeutic strategy. (Neth Heart J 2009;17:30-2.)

aorto-ostial disease Angioplasty stenting 


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  • T. van Noord
    • 1
  • R. L. Anthonio
  • G. A. J. Jessurun
  • A. F. M. van den Heuvel
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