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Strengthening health services research in the Netherlands



The Advisory Council on Health Research (RGO) concluded in its recent advisory report Gezond Zorgonderzoek (Healthy Cure and Care Research) that Health Services Research in the Netherlands is internationally of good quality, but that the rapid changes in the health care system, the unbalanced financing system which prioritizes commissioned short term research projects and a suboptimal implementation of research results make strenghtening of health services research necessary. Contributors of this Spectrum report about the impact measurement of The Dutch programme on Health Care Efficiency Research, describe plans for the systematic impact measurement of research funded by The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) and plead in favour of 1) funding long term and independent health services research programmes, 2) implementation research and experiments with interactions between researchers and decision makers, 3) patient participation in programming and the actual execution of research projects, and 4) social impact measurement of health services research. With contributions of P. Groenewegen and J. Bensing, A. Boer, R. Bal, N. Honingh and W. Joling, and W. Oortwijn.

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health services research research infrastructure implementation research patient participation impact measurement 

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