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In the 2008 February issue of this magazine ample attention was paid to the threat of an influenza pandemic, the potential preventive measures and the occupational physician’s role. With luck the 2008/2009 influenza season will pass as quietly as has been the case in the last few years. Vaccination remains the most important means to prevent influenza (and its possible complications). In accordance with the advice of the Health Council, the target group for the National Influenza Prevention Programme, financed by government, was extended to all persons aged 60 years and over (formerly 65 years and over) as from October 2008. Additionally, certain risk groups will remain eligible for free influenza vaccination, amongst which patients with pulmonary disorders, heart complaints and diabetes mellitus. In a recent international survey the Netherlands turns out to be the front runner as far as the degree of vaccination of elderly persons and other high-risk groups is concerned.


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