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On-line glow curve recording with a computerized TLD system

  • P. P. Szabó
Evaluation of TL Readings


A computerized TLD system consisting of a TLD reader, a personal computer and an interface was developed for on-line glow curve recording. A BASIC program, equipped with machine code subroutines, was developed to control the reader and perform on-line evaluation. The glow curve is digitized and recorded in 256 channels. It can be displayed on a high resolution screen, stored on discs or retrieved from there for later analysis. On-line evaluation allows the user to select four temperature intervals in which the areas under the glow curve are integrated thereby enabling separation of the different glow peaks.


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  • P. P. Szabó
    • 1
  1. 1.Central Research Institute for PhysicsBudapestHungary

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