Von-Recklinghausen’s disease a rare presentation

  • R. Bansal
  • A. K. Agarwal
Case Report


A rare presentation of Von Recklinghausen’s desease in a 8 year old boy is reported. Disease was confined to right side and involved eye, palate, gingiva, face, and external auditory canal.


Acromegaly Neurofibromatosis Neurofibroma External Auditory Canal Phaeochromocytoma 
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  • R. Bansal
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  • A. K. Agarwal
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  1. 1.E.N.T. DepartmentMaulana Azad Medical CollegeIndia
  2. 2.L. N. J. P. N.India
  3. 3.G. B. pant HospitalNew Delhi

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