Mineragraphic studies of disseminated bodies of magnetite in granite-pegmatite at Nawadiha in Hazaribagh district, Bihar

  • Ajoy Lal Mukherjee


Small lumps of crystalline magnetite occur as disseminated bodies within granite-pegmatite of Archean era in Hazaribagh District, Bihar. The following opaque minerals were identified by ore microscopic studies of the polished specimens of the ores: magnetite, hematite (primary), ilmenite, maghemite, martite, goethite and pyrite. Hematite and ilmenite show exsolution relation, whereas maghemite, martite, and goethite replace magnetite in different stages of oxidation.

The textural studies of the ore minerals indicate that magnetite is the earliest mineral formed, followed by the crystallisation of hematite-ilmenite intergrowth. Maghemite, martite and goethite are the altered products of magnetite and come later in the paragenetic history.


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  • Ajoy Lal Mukherjee
    • 1
  1. 1.C.S.I.R., Department of Geological SciencesJadavpur UniversityCalcutta-32

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