Proceedings: Plant Sciences

, Volume 96, Issue 5, pp 379–392 | Cite as

The progress and status of mycology in India

  • C V Subramanian


A brief survey of the development of mycology in India is given with a view to giving a general picture of its present status. The importance of further exploration of the Indian mycoflora is stressed: this is supported by a summation of the results of exploration of micro-fungi in the western ghats in India, with special reference to the Hyphomycetes and some groups in the Ascomycotina. The areas and lines on which future work should concentrate and the need for the establishment of a Culture Collection and Identification Centre for Fungi are highlighted.


Tropical mycology micro-fungi of western ghats Silent Valley Hyphomycetes Coronophorales Diatrypaceae Diaporthacea culture collection 


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  • C V Subramanian
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