The specific heats of some metallic elements

Part III. The characteristic frequencies
  • C. V. Raman


The specific heat data themselves enable us to evaluate more precisely the four characteristic frequencies of each metal determined approximately in Part II from their elastic constants. Making use of the new values, the complete specific heat curve is theoretically deduced and shows good agreement with the observations in the lower part of the temperature range, but deviates observably in its upper part, as is to be expected in view of the progressive fall in the frequency of the atomic oscillators with rise of temperature indicated by the analysis of the data in Part I. This diminution of the frequencies is a consequence of the anharmonicity of the oscillators which also results in the thermal expansion of the metal. Copper, aluminium, silver and lead form a sequence in the order of increasing coefficients of thermal expansion as also in the magnitude of the temperature coefficients of atomic vibration frequency indicated by their specific heat data.


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