Studies on the exocrine pancreatic tissue of three teleosts

  • S. M. Kamal Pasha


1. Exocrine pancreas ofMystus gulio is diffused and is restricted to the anterior region.

2. It is also diffused inMegalops cyprinoides. The pyloric caeca are also found to be surrounded by the pancreas.

3. Both diffused and dispersed types are present inTilapia mossambica. The liver is actually a hepatopancreas.

4. InMystus gulio there are separate pancreatic ductules opening into the intestine along with the bile duct. InTilapia mossmbica the pancreatic ductules appear to open into the bile duct and the bile duct is in the nature of a hepatopancreatic duct. InMegalops cyprinoides there are indications of pancreatic ductules entering the intestine here and there.


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