The ovule and embryosac development inBrowallia demissa Linn.

  • Km. Karuna Mohan


1. The ovule is anatropous, unitegmic, tenuinucellate.

2. A single hypodermal archesporial cell functions as megaspore mother cell.

3. Nucellus is consumed at an early stage of development.

4. The female gametophyte conforms to the “Polygonum type” of development.

5. At the organised embryosac stage, the integument is seven-layered thick, its inner epidermis serving as the endothelium.

6. Abnormal embryosacs with six nuclei, four at the micropylar and two at the chalazal side, have also been observed.


Pollen Tube Female Gametophyte Megaspore Mother Cell Dense Cytoplasm Antipodal Cell 
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  • Km. Karuna Mohan
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  1. 1.National Botanic GardensLucknow

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