Studies in the flortl morphology and anatomy of the burmanniaceae

I. Vascular anatomy of the flower ofBurmannia pusilla (Wall. ex Miers) Thw
  • R. M. Pai


1. The floral anatomy ofBurmannia pusilla is described in detail. Anatomically, the outer whorl of the perianth is sepaline and the inner petaline. The wing-like expansions of the flower are thought to represent the median lateral extensions of the sepals.

2. The inferior ovary is considered to be a result of adnation of floral whorls. The condition of the placentation is discussed and it is shown to be fundamentally parietal.

3. The presence of parenchymatous bands connecting the stamens with the style is reported for the first time. The condition is discussed in comparison with the androecial situation in the Apostasiaceae and in certain of the Orchidaceae, and in reference to the phylogeny of the Microspermae.


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  • R. M. Pai
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of BotanyMarathwada UniversityAurangabad

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