Brachiopod larvae from the west coast of India

  • D. Sudarsan


The collection of brachiopod larvae from the Arabian Sea off Karwar was found to consist of three different types belonging toDiscinisca sp.,Pelagodiscus atlanticus (King) andLingula sp. The larvae designated as those ofDiscinisca sp. are very characteristic in having two pairs of long, straight, stiff and brittle spines and are perhaps being described for the first time. Developmental stages ofP. atlanticus, younger than so far known, are represented in this collection. The third and the most numerous type belongs to a species ofLingula. The probable significance of the time of origin of the peduncle and the attainment of the linear shape inLingula sp. is discussed. Notes on the breeding seasons of the latter two types are also added.


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  • D. Sudarsan
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  1. 1.Zoological Survey of IndiaCalcutta

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