Studies on the common bamboo-borer,Dinoderus ocellaris Steph

Part III. Biology
  • N. L. Sitaraman


Adult beetles infest harvested bamboo culms within 24 hours of felling by boring in at the cut ends. Eggs, which are elongate, elliptical, 1·mm. long and 0·16 mm. broad, are inserted singly into the ends of the severed fibrovascular bundles. A female lays 29–52 eggs in 12–52 days depending on the food material on which it feeds. Incubation period averages 4 days. There are eight larval instars; the first one occupies 2 days and the others take 7–9 days each. The total larval period varies from 56–59 days. Pupal period is 3 days and the pre-emergence period 3–7 days. From egg to the emergence of adult it occupies 60–63 days. There are three distinct generations in a year.


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