Inhibition of fluorescence

  • K. S. Gururaja Doss


The data obtained by Jette and West regarding inhibition of fluorescence have been examined with a view to get at the mechanism of the inhibition process. The results show that inhibitions by ions such as Cl′, Br′, I′, etc., can be interpreted on the basis of collisions of the second kind. The auto-inhibition of fluorescence, however, as shown by a critical examination of fluoremetric data cannot be explained on the basis of collisions of the second kind; it is found necessary to postulate polymerisation of the fluorescent substance, in order to explain the self-inhibition of the ultraviolet fluorescence of quinine sulphate and aniline iodeosine solutions.


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  • K. S. Gururaja Doss
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Chemistry, Central College, BangaloreUniversity of MysoreBangaloreIndia

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