Carbon nitrogen metabolism of soil fungi—II

  • S. Natarajan


Sucrose-ammonium nitrate medium behaves like a true nitrate medium in that pH after an initial lowering rises towards neutrality unlike other ammonium salts. After the initial utilization of ammonia nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen concentration remains apparently steady for any particular level (sucrose) and hence Fusaria appear to utilise nitrate nitrogen preferentially. It is quite probable that there is a steady state between the production of ammoniacal nitrogen and the utilization of the same by the fungus. The rate of growth varies with the concentration of carbohydrate with an optimum C/N ratio for maximum growth. The rate of sucrose depletion and the rate of nitrogen accumulation of the mat follow an exponential law with both fungi. Presence of nitrogen compounds in the filtrate (other than ammonia nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen) is minimum at the optimum concentration level III (sucrose).


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