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A study of the type specimen ofMicrotypha saccharicola Speg., the type and the only species of the genusMicrotypha Speg. (1911) has shown that it is congeneric withArthrinium caricicola Kunze ex Fries.Microtypha is accordingly reduced to synonymy withArthrinium Kunze ex Fr. (1832). Regarding the correct name for Spegazzini’s fungus, a new combination inArthrinium with Spegazzini’s specific epithetsaccharicola cannot be made, since such a combination, if proposed, would become a later homonym ofA. saccharicola Stevens (1917) which appears different from Spegazzini’s fungus.Microtypha saccharicola is, therefore, classified inArthrinium asA. spegazzinii nom. nov.


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