Apical meristems inNymphaea stellata Willd

  • Ambuja Pillai
  • K. Y. Kavathekar


The shoot apex ofNymphaea stellata Willd. shows a tunica-corpus organization with a cytohistological zonation. The tunica is single-layered and the corpus exhibits three zones, the corpus mother cells zone, the flanking zone and the pith-rib meristem zone. The plastochron is divided into five stages based on the plastochron index—the minimal, early post-minimal, late post-minimal, pre-maximal and maximal. A cambium-like zone is developed proximal to the corpus mother cells zone in apices at the post-minimal stages, which contributes to the increase in height of the apex.

The root apex shows a transversal meristem, which is in the form of a curved plate of cells. This cell plate gives rise to the central cylinder, cortex and epidermis proximally, and the columella and periheral region of the root cap distally.


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  • K. Y. Kavathekar
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