Life-history ofCycas circinalis L

Part V. Seedling anatomy
  • L. N. Rao


The paper deals with the germination of the seeds ofCycas circinalis L, the growth and structure of the different parts of the seedling in the stem, root, cotyledons and plumule. The anatomy of four different types of roots, is given. The anatomy of the stem, cotyledonary plate, procambial strands and their orientation in the stem and root are described. The origin and development of stomata found on the hypocotyledonary region of the embryo are given in detail. The cotyledons, their vasculature and final fate are described.


Lateral Root Guard Cell Vascular Bundle Secondary Xylem Vascular Cylinder 
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  • L. N. Rao
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  1. 1.Contribution from the Botany LaboratoryNational CollegeBangalore-4

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