OnCamptylonema indicum Schmidle andCamptylonemopsis gen. nov.

  • T. V. Desikachary


The genusCamptylonema was established by Schmidle on the type-species,Camptylonema indicum, which had been collected from Bombay The genus was placed by him under the Stigonemaceæ, since both true and false-branches were found by him in the alga. Forti, Ghose and Geitler, doubting the occurrence of true branching in the alga, transferred the genus to the Scytonemaceæ. The type-species,C. indicum, which was not recorded again since Schmidle described it, was recently recorded by the writer from Cochin in South India. Undoubted cases of true branching are found in this alga in addition to false-branches. Since true branches are found in the alga, the genus is now retransferred to the Stigonemataceæ.

A new genus,Camptylonemopsis, is created to include species likeCamptylonema lahorense Ghose andCamptylonema Danilovii Hollerbach, which possess crescent-shaped filaments, but do not show true branching. The new genus,Camptylonemopsis, is placed under the Michrochætaceæ.

Three new species ofCamptylonemopsis from South India,viz.,C. pulneyensis sp. nov.,C. minor sp. nov. andC. Iyengarii sp. nov., are described in the paper.


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