A new type of adrenal tumor and its comparative histopathology

II. Induction, progressive development and histogenesis
  • Jer K. Mody


DMB induced tumors in the adrenal glands of intact, sterile-mated or mammectomised C3H (Jax) female mice. Fewer tumors developed when a small single dose of DMB was given while the female was pseudopregnant. The tumors occurred in 10–30% of the mice and involved one or both adrenals. They were microscopical or large encapsulated growths of upto 10 mm. in size and were transplantable.

The tumors started as tiny nodules in the subcapsular region, expanding and replacing the entire adrenal gland. They were undifferentiated, consisting of cells with dark spindle or plump ovoid nuclei with chromatin granules. The cytoplasm was scanty. Mitoses were few. There was abundant reticulum in the stroma. Evidence is presented to show that these hitherto undescribed tumors in DMB-treated animals originate from the altered subcapsular “A” type mesenchymal cell.


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  • Jer K. Mody
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  1. 1.Biology DivisionCancer Research Institute, Tata Memorial CentreBombay-12India

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