Leaf blight disease ofCitrus acida var.variegata

  • J. N. Rai


A leaf spot disease ofCitrus acida var.variegata has been recorded. The disease is most conspicuous during rainy season and at the fall of winter in spring.

The symptoms of the disease have been described in detail.

Successful inoculation experiments have been performed both under field and laboratory conditions. Spores both from culture as well as those occurring in the acervuli of the leaves could bring about infection of the leaves. It was found that injury increased the rate of infection.

The morphological character of the pathogen has been described and the fungus has been identified as a new strain ofColletotrichum glœosporioides Penz. differing in several characters from other strains.


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  • J. N. Rai
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of BotanyLucknow UniversityIndia

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