Studies in pectic enzymes of parasitic fungi

III. Secretion of pectic enzymes byPenicillium expansum link
  • S. C. Gupta


Highly active protopectinase and polygalacturonase (PG) enzymes were secreted byPenicillium expansum Link. on 2·5% decoction of lucerne, pectin asparagin and modified Czapek’s media. Ammonium nitrate was found to be a better nitrogen source for the secretion of pectic enzymes than asparagin or sodium nitrate. Best secretion of protopectinase was in cultures after 4 days incubation at 20° C.

Pectin-esterase, when tested at 6·2 pH, was found to be of negligible activity in 4 days old cultures of the fungus.

Protopectinase and polygalacturonase (PG) were found to be adaptive enzymes which were not produced in absence of pectic substances.


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  • S. C. Gupta
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