Studies on plant growth in relation to different soils and manures

I. Nitrification studies of different soil types with different manures
  • Shri Ranjan
  • M. D. Kothiyal


In the process of nitrification both air and moisture play a very important role and it is only after a proper adjustment of these that a good fixation can be obtained. Sandy soils that provide a good aeration due to large non-capillary pore space, should be regarded as best for nitrification, yet they allow greatest leaching and no retention of water, thereby loosing all their nitrogen contents very easily. Finer soils that provide lesser amount of air, but proportionate retention of water in them are best fitted for nitrogen fixation. They also provide greater surface for reaction. More finer soils are impervious to oxygen supply and as such are not well suited for rapid nitrogen fixation. These soils are slow in action.

Only a medium is needed for a proper and rapid fixation of nitrogen. All these different soil conditions can be improved very easily with the application of different manures, e.g., green manure in clay soils, and carbonaceous matter in sandy ones.


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  • M. D. Kothiyal

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