A leaf spot disease of zingiber officinale caused byPhyllosticta zingiberi n.sp.

  • T. S. Ramakrishnan


A leaf spot disease caused byPhyllosticta zingiberi is common in Godavari and Malabar districts. Spots with whitish centres develop on the leaves and in these pycnidia of the fungus are formed. Wound inoculations were successful on ginger and turmeric. Soon after isolation, cultures on ginger leaves are able to infect unwounded ginger leaves.

This fungus does not agree with the description ofConiothyrium zingiberi. The spores are smaller and never coloured. Hence it is given the name ofPhyllosticta zingiberi.


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  • T. S. Ramakrishnan
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  1. 1.Agricultural Research InstituteCoimbatore

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