Acute upper airway obstruction in infancy and childhood — A study of 80 cases

  • Govind Chandra Sahoo
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Eighty cases of upper airway obstruction were studied as regards to aetiopathology and their management. Their age ranged from 0– 5 years. Higher incidence was observed among male children below 3 years, and during winter months. Tracheostomy rather than endotracheal intubation was found to be the most useful procedure along with steroid therapy in managing severe obstruction. Direct laryngoscopy with clinical correlation was sufficient in most of the cases in predicting the cause of respiratory distress so as to decide the appropriate therapy. Children with respiratory failure at the time of admission had poorest prognosis, but the overall mortality rate is very minimal.


Airway Obstruction Infant Children Direct Laryngoscopy Tracheostomy 


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  • Govind Chandra Sahoo
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  1. 1.Rajah Muthiah Medical College & HospitalAnnamalai UniversityTamil Nadu

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