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Problem of fibrotic reaction after oval window fenestration

  • Daryao Singh


Three methods of covering the fossa ovalis after oval window fenestration are studied in 55 cases. Vein graft with intima towards the middle ear, a pledget of gel foam and vein graft with intima towards the labyrinth are used in the three groups. The comparatively unfavourable results or failures are suggested to be due to the extensive fibrotic response which impedes sound conduction at the oval window and has deleterious effect on the inner ear, when vein is used with its adventitia towards the labyrinth. These results compare with the animal experiments of Bellucci and Wolff.


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  1. Bellucci, R. and Wolff, D.: Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology,69 : 517–539, June 1960.Google Scholar

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