Analysis of nodal metastasis in malignancies of upper aerodigestive tract

  • Hemant Chopra
  • Som Nath Gupta
  • Neeraj Sud
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A mass appearing in the neck can be a diagnostic challenge. The malignancies of upper aerodigestive tract are mostly squamous cell carcinoma and their metastasis remain largely confined to accessible neck areas permitting useful surgical management.

In this study 30 patients were taken up with neck node metastasis. It was found that in supraglottic carcinoma even in no neck incidence of nodal metastasis was high. Even the retropharyngeal lymphnodes not involved in routine radical neck dissection were found to be involved in a few cases, which justifies the search for nodes in retropharyngeal area in routine radical neck dissection.


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  • Hemant Chopra
    • 1
  • Som Nath Gupta
    • 1
  • Neeraj Sud
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of E.N.T.Dayanand Medical College & HospitalLudhiana

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