Investigation of the degree of perfection of a crystal by means of polarized X-rays

  • S. Ramaseshan
  • G. N. Ramachandran


The paper describes an investigation of the intensity of Bragg reflection when the incident X-rays are polarized and the azimuth of the electric vector is varied with respect to the plane of reflection. It is observed, using natural and ground (211) faces of NaNO3, that the variation of intensity with azimuth of polarization is different for a mosaic and a perfect crystal. Such a difference is in fact to be expected from theoretical considerations. The actual behaviour of both the ground and the natural faces was found to be intermediate between what is predicted by theory for an ideally perfect and an ideally mosaic crystal. By comparing the observed azimuthal variation of the integrated reflection with the theoretical expectation for the two limiting cases, it is possible to assess the degree of perfection of the crystal.


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© Indian Academy of Sciences 1954

Authors and Affiliations

  • S. Ramaseshan
    • 1
  • G. N. Ramachandran
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of PhysicsIndian Institute of ScienceBangalore 3

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