Observations on control ofPistia stratiotes linn. In fish ponds by “Gramoxone”

  • S. Patnaik


An account is given of the yard and field trials conducted at Cuttack which showed that ‘Gramoxone’ (20% paraquat) at 0·1 to 0·2 kg/ha. (a.i.) gave complete control ofPistia stratiotes in one to two weeks’ time. The cost of clearance by the weedicide worked out to Rs. 64–93/ha as against Rs. 168–178/ha. for manual clearance. Treatment in instalments is recommended to avoid oxygen depletion due to rotting of treated weed mass and consequent fish mortality.


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  • S. Patnaik
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  1. 1.Central Inland Fisheries Research SubstationCuttackIndia

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