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The genusEpistomariaGalloway, 1933 and the genusEpistomaroidesUchio, 1952

  • J. Hofker


Tests ofEpistomaria semi-marginata (D’ORBIGNY) are analysed; a complicated toothplate is present and the marginal foramen is homologised with that ofEpistomina, whereas the supplementary sutural foramina are connected with the toothplate also. The taxonomy of the Epistominidae can be established on the basis of the development of the toothplate inReinholdella, Epistomina, Epistomaria, Cushmanella, Pseudobulimina, Robertina andRobertinoides.

Species with coarse pores, double septal walls, spaces between which form supplementary chambers closed ventrally by porous plates, and lacking a toothplate in the chambers do not belong toEpistomaria but are closely allied toGavelinella from the Upper Crateceous. They are joined in the genusEpistomaroides Uchio. Two of them,E. separans (LE CALVEZ) andE. punctata (SAID) are analysed in this paper. The type-species,E. polystomelloides has been analysed 1927 (Siboga I, p. 35–37, Tafel 16, Fig. 1–6).


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