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Kinetics of charge transfer reactions in photoelectrochemical cells

  • R. Memming
Special Issue on Solar Energy and Applied Photochemistry


In the present paper, fundamental aspects of charge transfer processes at semiconductor particles and extended electrodes are analyzed and compared. Although, in principle, the same reactions occur at particles and electrodes, different factors, such as light intensity, particle size, adsorption of electron donors or acceptors and formation of space charges, influence the reaction rates and sometimes even the reaction route. It is shown that rate constants are preferably determined from measurements at extended electrodes. Various mechanisms are discussed in detail.


Semiconductor-electrodes semiconductor-particles kinetics 


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  • R. Memming
    • 1
  1. 1.FB Physik der Carl-von-Ossietzki-UniversitÄt Oldenburg and Institut für Solarenergiefor-schung (ISFH)Hannover 1Germany

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