The Review of Black Political Economy

, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp 113–123 | Cite as

Book reviews

  • Julian Ellison
  • Wilfred David


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  1. SLAVES, FREE MEN, CITIZENS; WORK AND FAMILY LIFE; CONSEQUENCE OF CLASS AND COLOR; AND THE AFTERMATH OF SOVEREIGNTYEdited by Lambros Comitas and David Lowenthal Doubleday, Feb. 1973 and March 1973 Google Scholar
  2. EBONY KINSHIP, AFRICA, AFRICANS AND THE AFRO AMERICANBy Robert G. Weisbord Greenwood, 1973. Pp. 240 Google Scholar
  3. THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF POVERTY ByCharles Sackrey (New York, W. W. Norton and Co., 1973, 172 pages)Google Scholar

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  • Julian Ellison
  • Wilfred David
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