Notes on the anatomy of a xerophytic fernNiphobolus adnascens from the Malay Peninsula

  • S. K. Pande


Niphobolus adnascens shows well-marked xerophytic adaptations. It possesses admirable modifications for the absorption as well as the storage of water. The profusely branched felt-like root system with its persistent root-hairs acts like a sponge to retain water and nutrient material; while the velamen-like cells of the outer cortex undoubtedly serve to absorb moisture directly from the atmosphere as in the case of epiphytic orchids and aroids. The hairs on the leaf, as probably also the scales on the rhizome, apart from functioning as protective organs, form an efficient apparatus for water absorption. The concertina-like extensible and collapsible cells of the leaf form an excellent water storage tissue.


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