Utility of landsat coverage in small scale geomorphological mapping-some examples from India

  • D. P. Rao


With the launching of LANDSAT—1 in 1972 followed by LAND-SAT-2 and 3 in 1975 and 1978 respectively, a new tool is now available to earth scientists for a synoptic overview of the earth forms. Existing small scale geological maps, soil maps and forest resource maps are constantly being updated with the help of LANDSAT imagery. The paper highlights the utility of LANDSAT imagery in preparing small scale geomorphological maps by citing examples from such diversified terrains as the Himalaya and rain forest area in the north and NE India and part of east coast. The advantage of conjunctive use of space craft, aircraft and ground data in enhancing the detail and quality of the map is discussed. Further the direct relationship between landform and landuse is brought out in the map.

The methodology provides a basis for preparing a small scale geomorphological map for the country, the like of which does not exist so far. In addition, the map provides a basis for attracting attention on exploration of minerals, ground water, morphoconservation, flood protection programming and coastal management. The nominal cost and speed of preparing such map are discussed.


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