Role of aerial photographs and landsat imagery in forest resources surveys

  • M. D. Shedha
  • T. Natarajan


Many of the data needs for efficient management of forest resources can be met by aerial photographs. Commercially important tree species can be distinguished from other less important miscellaneous species with the help of aerial photographs. Forests can be classified according to their height and density classes. Aerial photographs have become indispensable for mapping of forests and preparation of forest inventories.

A comparison of interpretation results obtained from landsat imagery and aerial photographs (1 ∶ 10,000 Black and White panchromatic photography) with respect to forestry interpretation is given.

It is pointed out that the imagery obtained from satellities can be used for reconnaissance of a region and for deciding the priorities for carrying out more detailed surveys of forest resources with the help of air photointerpretation techniques


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  • T. Natarajan

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