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Electricity provision in urban areas of South Africa

Towards a new policy framework
  • Paul Theron
  • Anton Eberhard
  • Charles Dingley


The key challenges facing the ESI in South Africa will best be met if the distribution sector is restructured on a regional basis in order to utilise existing expertise and to retain it within the public sector. It is concluded that electricity can be made available to most areas in the country if appropriate approaches are adopted in the electrification of low-income areas. Accelerated electrification initiatives, planned and co-ordinated by these distribution authorities, would draw upon the experience and capabilities of private electrical consultants and contractors. Community participation in electricity provision is desirable and will probably require ongoing support from distribution authorities for community-based structures. Finally, public sector leadership in mobilising both public and private investment to finance electrification initiatives would also be necessary.


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  • Anton Eberhard
  • Charles Dingley

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